MBBCh MPhil. MRCPsych. PhD

Consultant Psychiatrist

What does a psychiatrist do?

A Psychiatrist is a qualified medical doctor.

I undertake an assessment of an individual's mental health problem.

I will come to an opinion or diagnosis taking into account any psychological or psychosocial issues which may be relevant.

Treatment(s) are then discussed - these may involve medication, counselling / therapy and / or psychosocial interventions (addressing social issues, which have a psychological impact).

Explanation / education is provided about:

(i) my opinion / diagnosis,

(ii) the illness / disorder,

(iii) the treatment(s).

Prognosis, i.e. likely length of illness and outcome is discussed.

Referral to appropriate specialists may be undertaken as required.

My personal views on assessment and treatment:

I adopt a holistic, multidimensional approach when assessing people.

Medications do have a role to play in treatment but I am cautious about tablets and tend to err towards non-medication type treatments if possible.

I am open to discussion about complementary and spiritual type treatments.